Xiamen University CSC Scholarships 2020

Xiamen University in China offers XMU and CSC scholarships for the undergraduate, doctoral and master degree program for the international students. It is offered annually and students from international countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The CSC scholarship is taken from Xiamen University, China. You are required to submit a study plan for your admission and scholarship applications as per their choice of the scholarship and bind with documents and apply online as well as send your doc’s to university’s address.

How to apply for CSC and XMU Scholarship in Xiamen University?

Most of the programs for the three levels are Chinese taught. However, the courses are also offered in the English language and eligible for the scholarship among another course that is taught in Chinese.

The undergraduate programme at Xiamen University


Xiamen University Masters programme

Financial engineering, finance (applied finance), Chinese philosophy, international relations, civil and commercial law, marine affairs, international business,  western economics, physical chemistry, and chemical engineering.

The doctoral programme offered at Xiamen University China:

Marine Geology, Archaeology & Museology, Statistics, English Language, History of Specialized Field, History of Specialized Field, Chinese Modern and Contemporary History, Analytical Chemistry, Computational Mathematics, finance, world economy, world history, marine chemistry, environmental science, theory of political science, radio physics, regional economics, international law, basic mathematics, electromechanical engineering, marine physics, materials physics, chemistry, quantitative economics, labor economics, statistics, energy economics, probability and mathematics statistics, organic chemistry, intellectual property, physics of polymers, anthropology, condensed matter physics, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, integrated coastal zone management and marine biotechnology.

Benefits of Xiamen University XMU & CSC Scholarship:

Xiamen University in China offers a scholarship for the undergraduate, masters and doctoral applicants. The master’s and doctoral first-class scholarship applicants have their tuition fee fully covered for 2-3 years doe the master’s program and a maximum of three years for the doctoral program.  The university also gives a monthly allowance for the doctoral and masters students which accrued to 1700 RMB per month and 2000 RMB per month respectively. The bachelor’s applicants are not given their first class scholarships.

The second –class scholarship covers the full tuition for the awarded students where the master’s students are covered for two to three years, the doctoral program student for a maximum of three years and 4-5 years for the undergraduate program.

The selection criteria for Xiamen University local scholarship:

The assessment is based on the submitted application materials by the applicants, their academic performances, and opinions of their supervisors. The awardees academic performance is subjected to an annual assessment and only those who achieve the stated standard will have their scholarship renewed for the following year.

Eligibility details for Xiamen University XMU Scholarship:

  • Applicants must be of good health and non-Chinese nationalities.
  • Undergraduates, must be 25 years and below and be holders of a high school diploma.
  • The master’s applicants must be 40 years and below and be holders of a bachelor’s degree.
  • The doctorate applicants must be 45 years and below and be holders of a master’s degree.

The number of Xiamen XMU Scholarships in total:

The total number of awarded applicants is 24:

  • Doctoral students -8
  • Masters students-11
  • Undergraduate students -5

Benefits of Xiamen University CSC Scholarship:

The scholarship covers for the tuition fee for all he awarded candidates. There two kinds of scholarships:

  1. First class scholarship

The scholarship covers for the master’s and doctoral students where the tuition is fully covered for a maximum of four years for the doctoral students and 2 to 3 years for the master’s students. There is also a monthly allowance namely; 3000RMB for the master’s students and 3500 RMB for the doctoral students.

  1. Second class scholarship

It covers for the tuition fee of the awardees according to their stipulated academic years as per the scholarship rules depending on their respective levels.

The Xiamen University scholarship duration:

  • Doctoral degree students last for a maximum of four years
  • Masters students last for two to three years
  • Undergraduate students last for four to five years.

The applicants are only eligible after the assessment is done and they are admitted to their various levels and programs as per their application forms. The results of the applications are published by early June on the admission office’s website and the awarded students are notified via the email. The application deadline for XMU and CSC Xiamen University scholarship takes place on 30th April every year.