List of Professor Hebei University of Technology

Hebei University of Technology

The institution was established by Yuan Shikai, receiving a royal charter in 1903 as Peiyang Technological School, from Guangxu Emperor. Zhou Xuexi was the first president. The university modeled itself on the famous European and American institutions of higher learning and aimed to rejuvenate China by training qualified personnel with new scientific and technological knowledge. In 1958, after restructuring, the institution was renamed List of Professor Hebei University of Technology. In 1995, the institution was renamed Hebei University of Technology.

Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) is a key provincial university as well as one of the national universities under “Project 211”. It is also an important university under the authority of Hebei province which specializes in engineering studies and combines multiple academic areas including technology, science, economics, management and arts . It was founded in 1903, and was originally known as Beiyang Technical School. Since its establishment, HEBUT has always adhered to the motto “Diligence, Prudence, Devotion and Loyalty” to coach students and conduct research, and has gradually developed a distinctive school-running characteristic in which academic learning and engineering practice are equally stressed. HEBUT has 69 undergraduate programs, embracing a wide range of disciplines including engineering, science, economics, management, art and law. It is composed of 17 schools/departments, 1 physical-training teaching department and 2 teaching administrative schools. It has 6 state-level disciplines with specific characteristics and 18 province-level representative programs, 2 national key disciplines, 4 province-level advantageous disciplines and 20 provincial key disciplines. There are 42 disciplines authorized to award doctor degrees, 131 disciplines authorized to offer master’s degrees or professional degree fields. HEBUT is the first engineering-based university to launch MBA program in China. Meanwhile, it is the only university in Hebei province that offers an EMBA education. It possesses 9 post doctoral work stations, among which “Material Science and Engineering” is special national program.

HEBUT owns 2474 qualified faculty members. Among 1365 full-time teachers, 706 hold senior professional titles, and 682 have doctorate degrees. With a “Long River” scholar and a “1000 Plan” professor, HEBUT further ensures that HEBUT students receive optimal instruction in their chosen field. There is an outstanding team of national technology expertise, 3 state-level teaching teams, 2 innovative research teams with the Ministry of Education, a state-level top teacher as well as 5 provincial teaching teams. 187 staff members won provincial and ministerial level honors, including the “National Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, and national candidates in the “New Century Talents Project”. Hundreds of staff members hold posts of chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general in professional societies or associations at or above provincial level.

HEBUT is equipped with 1 national engineering research center and 17 provincial and ministerial level research institutes, including 1 state key laboratory base co-founded by Hebei province and the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education. With the establishment of the HEBUT National Defense Science and Technology Institute, the university obtained a national military-industrial confidentiality qualification. Since 2004, near 3000 research projects have been undertaken resulting in 1500 scientific achievements (160 of which are national key level projects) which have been applied in many enterprises and public institutions List of Professor Hebei University of Technology. The National 02 Major Specialized Project, hosted by HEBUT, has successfully completed the national evaluation. Hundreds of scientific achievements won national, provincial and ministerial awards. With over 480 patents authorized, HEBUT is rated as one of the 10 outstanding Invention and Innovation Institutions in China List of Professor HUT.

HEBUT is located in Tianjin. and also has campuses in Langfang city. HEBUT covers an area of more than 267 hectares with a construction group area of 870,000 square meters. In the 200-hectare Beichen campus, a 400,000-square-meter construction project has been completed and put into use where, at present, there are more than 21,000 full-time students, including 6,373 post-graduates. The City College which is sponsored by HEBUT has 16,000 students, with 16,000 more pursuing their vocational and bachelor’s degrees through adult education. The school teaching and research equipment is worth 372 million RMB, and there are 1.88 million books in the school library. Apart from that, well-equipped stadiums, dormitories and canteens facilitate student campus life.

With an open mind, HEBUT has been committed to international cooperation and attaches importance to the development, quality improvement and brand building of educational exchanges. It was qualified by a Chinese government project to award international student scholarships. At present, HEBUT has generated international exchange programs with universities in more than 60 countries and regions including France, the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy, Australia, Great Britain, Japan. Hong Kong and Taiwan. Over 20 exchange programs are being carried out, which so far have received 500 international students for non-degree education and sent more than 800 students abroad with List of the Professor Hebei University of Technology.

List of Professor Hebei University of Technology

Here is the links of the professors

  Supervisors for

Master Degree Program at HEBUT

School of Science

07 Maser of Natural Science

0701 Mathematics

 0702 Physics

 071011 Biophysics

 071400 Statistics  (Note: for mathematics )

Zhang ZhidongZhan Yong
 An Hai Long Xing Chengfen

 School of Mechanical Engineering

please visit:

0801  Mechanics

0802  Mechanical Engineering

0804  Instrument Science and Technology

Tan RunhuaShi Zhanqun

School of Electrical Engineering

 please visit:

0808  Electrical Engineering

0831 Biomedical Engineering

 School of Chemical Engineering

0703  Chemistry

070301 Inorganic Chemistry

070303  Organic Chemistry

070304 Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics)

070305 Chemistry and Physics of Polymers

080706  Chemical Process Equipment

0817 Chemical Engineering and Technology

School of Materials Science and Engineering

 0805  Materials Science and Engineering

080501 Materials Physics and Chemistry 

080502 Mariology

080503 Materials Processing Engineering

 School of Information Engineering

 please visit:

0809  Electronics Science and Technology

080901 Physical Electronics

080902 Circuits and Systems

080903 Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics 

Liu Yuling Bi Wengang Zhang Baoguo Zhang zihui Xu shu

080904 电磁场与微波技术 Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

081001 通信与信息系统 Communication and Information Systems

Xia Kewen Zhou Yatong

School of Control Science and Engineering

0811 Control Science and Engineering

081101 Control Theory and Control Engineering

081102  Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

081103  Systems Engineering

081104 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems 

 School of Computer Science and Engineering

 0812 Computer Science and Technology

 081104 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

Yu MingLin TaoShi LukuiWu Youxi
Tian HongliWei WeiXu ZhihongZhang Mandun
Guo Yingchun

School of Civil Engineering

0814 Civil Engineering 

082301 Highway and Railway Engineering

School of Energy and Environmental Engineering

080702 Thermal Power Engineering

080703  Power Machinery and Engineering

0807Z1  Energy and Environmental Engineering

081404 Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

School of Economics and Management

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0202 Applied Economics

1201 Management Science and Engineering

1202 Science of Business Administration

School of Architecture and Art Design

 please visit:  Architecture

083300 Urban and Rural Planning

1305LDesign and Arts

School of Marine Science and Engineering

 0817Z1 Marine Chemical Science Technology

Supervisor for 

Doctoral Degree Program at HEBUT

School of Mechanical Engineering
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080200 Mechanical Engineering

Tan RunhuaShi Zhanqun

School of Electrical Engineering

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080800 Electrical Engineering

 School of Chemical Engineering

081700  Chemical Engineering and Technology

School of Civil Engineering

081400 Civil Engineering

School of Economics and Management

120100  Management Science and Engineering

120204  Technology Economy and Management

School of Materials Science and Engineering

080500 Materials Science and Engineering

Zhang Baoguo

School of Information Engineering
please visit:

080900  Electronic Science and Technology

Liu YulingBi WengangYu Ming Xia Kewen Zhang Baoguo
 Zhou Yatong

School of Control Science and Engineering

081101 Control Theory and Control Engineering

School of  Energy and Environmental Engineering

 081400 Civil Engineering Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering)