CSC Scholarships Are Open to All Students

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Financial Aid Statement Sample for CSC Scholarship


Financial aid is a type of funding that is given by the federal and state governments and other agencies in order to help people cover their college education. Financial aid is very important when you want to study at a school. Financial aid contains scholarships, grants, loans, work-study programs and many others that can be found on the student’s Financial Aid Summary (FAS).

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Financial aid isn’t free; therefore students need to maintain certain standards in order  to apply for financial aid. Financial Aid Statement Description A Financial Aid Summary describes how much money a student has received from the different forms of financial aid he or she has been awarded throughout his/her academic career at a particular institution including both current term information as well as information about previous terms.

Financial Aid Statement Sample The Financial Aid Summary contains the following:

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  1. Instructions on how to read a Financial Aid Summary,
  2. Student name and school identification number,
  3. Current term aid including aid received from federal aid programs, state aid programs and other financial aid program funds,
  4. Aid awarded in a prior term or terms,
  5. Aid to be disbursed in the current term,
  6. A Year-to-Date listing of all student charges for which the Financial Aid Office has processed a Financial Aid Disbursement.

Here is a Financial Aid Statement Sample

Financial Aid Statement Sample
Financial Aid Statement Sample
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