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English Proficiency Certificate For CSC Scholarships


English Proficiency Certificates have internationally recognized certification of English language skills, demonstrating that the certificate holder has achieved a specified level of English proficiency. An English Courses International student can receive their English Proficiency Certificate upon completion of all four levels in our Intensive program. Our school is accredited by NEAS (Northern European Association for Study abroad) to certify students Levels B-C on the CEFR scale.

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You will have time enough at your disposal to be able to practice speaking during friendly conversations with other participants The course aims also developing your written communicative competence through different writing activities, where you’ll be taught how to structure and write complete sentences as well as in order not only speak English but also English written

how to get english proficiency certificate

If you want to apply for China Scholarship You must have English Proficiency Certificate. Now if you think that what is English proficiency certificate and How we get this Certificate? so don’t worry i will tell.

You Should Make This certificate from your previous institute from where you are graduated. For Example if you done your BS From Punjab University and want to apply for MS in China then you make your English Proficiency Certificate from Punjab University and If You have done Your Master Degree (MS) From University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and Want to apply for PHD in China Then You make your English Proficiency Certificate From UET. Means From Where You get your latest Degree, Can Only issue English Proficiency Certificate.

Now Some Questions about English Proficiency Certificate Comes in Your mind when you apply for China Scholarship.

  • For China Scholarship IELTS is Mandatory or not?

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Answer: No, For China Scholarship IELTS is not mandatory. Just English Proficiency Certificate is enough while applying for china Scholarship.

  • What is the actual meaning of English Proficiency Certificate:

Answer: Meaning of English Proficiency Certificate is, Your Previous degree courses will be delivered in English. In every University Bachelor Study is in English. So, Don’t worry about English Proficiency Certificate.

  • Some Students applied last year and can’t get admission, they says we need to make English Proficiency Certificate again for applying next year?

Answer: Its not mandatory to make it new, But i will suggest you make it again. The reason is that when you apply for China Scholarship make your profile fresh. On Your last Year English Proficiency Certificate University mention issuing date, So make it new for applying next year. It’s my opinion.

So if  you need the sample of the English Proficiency Certificate, it’s given bellow.

English Proficiency Certificate
English Proficiency Certificate
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