CSC Scholarships Are Open to All Students

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CSC Scholarship Questions and Answers


If you Have any questions regarding China Scholarship, You can ask freely. Comment Your question in this post or CSC Guide Official Youtube Channel any video, We will try to give answers to you on the website on daily basis. Keep visiting CSC Guide Official Website.

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Question NO 1: Sir if the degree is in progress and respect to be complete in August can we apply now? 

Answer: Yes, if you are in the 7th semester and want to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship you can apply. For example now ( July 2021) you are in 7 th Semester and your degree will be completed in July 2022, you can apply for a scholarship on the basis of a hope certificate.

Question No 2: I am a student of Bs zoology 7th semester continue from Gcuf Layyah campus. My degree will complete on 15 July 2022. I want to write a Cv for an acceptance letter. Bro what will be my highest degree.? What should I mentioned (2018-2022) and be completed in mid of July 2022?

Answer: Bro Your Highest Degree is Bachelors’s. You need to mention Bachelor’s Degree like Bachelor’s in Zoology. The Year You need to mention is 2018 August – July 2022.

Question No 3: University Provide Dormitory Expenses or paid by self?

Answer: If you got a fully-funded scholarship then the dormitory is free. CSC Scholarship is always fully funded scholarship to the dormitory is free for CSC scholarship.

Question No 4:
Salam bro. Bhai I have successfully received 3 acceptance letters from 3 different universities professors. Are these enough or should I keep on applying for more? Also thank you for guiding me throughout. So grateful that you are here to help us, students. JazakAllah. Lots of prayers for you bro.

Answer: You Should Try to get 6 to 7 acceptance letters. Later on, some universities did not offer some majors in English. So if you have an acceptance letter from that university and do not offer a major in English then your acceptance letter has no value. So If you have multiple acceptance letters you have the option to apply to other universities.

Question No 5: How many acceptance letters should I get from one university? 

Answer: You can get only one acceptance letter from one university.

Question No 6: When can apply at the CSC portal?

Answer: When admissions start then you can apply on the CSC online portal, normally CSC Scholarship admissions are started in December and January every year.

Question No 7: How long can we mail from September for an acceptance letter?

Answer: For sending emails there is no specific time period. This means from September you can send emails to the Chinese professors till the admissions deadline. But before the deadline, you need to get an acceptance letter because you can apply with this acceptance letter. For example, a university having a deadline is 30 April, You can send emails till 29 April but keep in mind after getting an acceptance letter you should have enough time to apply for a scholarship in that university.

Question No 8: when we should start emailing to Chinese professors for acceptance letters?

Answer: You Should Send emails to Chinese professors from September every year.

Question No 9: What is the CSC Scholarship deadline/Last Date? 

Answer: CSC Scholarship has no specific deadline. Under CSC Scholarship almost 273 universities have the authority to offer CSC Scholarship to international students, So every university has its own deadline for CSC Scholarship. This Means CSC Scholarship Deadline varies from university to university.

Question No 10: I am studying in the 6th semester can I apply for a scholarship?

Answer: No, You can’t apply for the scholarship if you are in the 6th semester.
You can apply for a scholarship in that condition if your degree will be completed in the very next year. For example, if you are applying for the scholarship in September 2021 your degree must be completed in July 2022
then you can apply.

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Question No 11: Any CSC Scholarship for undergraduate students and can we take the HSK test in Pakistan? 

Answer: Yes, CSC offer scholarship to undergraduates but you must have HSK-4. Some Universities accept HSK-3 for CSC Scholarship. Like China Three Gorgeous Universities. If you don’t have HSK then you are not eligible for CSC Scholarship. Yes, you can take the HSK exam in Pakistan.

Question No 12: I am not selected for CSC Scholarship last year, can I use my last year’s CSC online portal account or make it a new one?

Answer: Yes bro you can use last year’s CSC online portal account. No, need to make a new CSC account.

Question No 13: What about education grades/CGPA for china scholarship?

Answer: Grades in matric, intermediate, and bachelor don’t matter. It’s totally your luck and hard work. But sometimes some professors give acceptance letters on the basis of your CGPA. I know, many students who got CSC Fully Funded Scholarship having CGPA is 2.9 out of 3. Matric and intermediate grades have no value don’t worry.

Question No 14: An acceptance letter is necessary for undergraduates who want to apply for a bachelor’s for China Scholarship? 

Answer: No, the Acceptance letter is not mandatory for bachelor students. They can apply without an acceptance letter.

Question No 15: I have finished my 12 and I want to go to china for my bachelor’s degree in scholarship, what steps do I need to take to go to china for a scholarship? 
Answer: If you want to apply for Bachelor’s degree then you must have HSK-4 (Chinese Language Certificate). Otherwise, your application will not be accepted.

Question No 16: CSC or any university offer march intake Scholarship?

Answer: No, CSC does not offer any march intake Scholarship. CSC Offers just September intake Scholarships. ONLY Zhengzhou University (ZZU) offers a march intake presidential Scholarship for Ph.D. candidates.

Question No 17: I have done DAE (Mechanical Engineering) want to apply for China Scholarship for September intake how can I apply?

Answer: Brother, if have done DAE(Mechanical, Civil or Electrical, or any other diploma), You can apply for CSC Scholarship but same you must have (Chinese Language Certificate). Otherwise, your application will not be accepted.

Question No 17: Can you send the study plan format for CSC Scholarship?

Answer: Yes, You Can get the Study Plan sample in Document Samples.

Question No 18: Admission open in any Chinese University? in other Words When Chinese Universities’ admission will open?

Answer: Chinese University’s admissions for CSC Scholarship, open in December Every Year. But You start to get the acceptance letters from Chinese professors from September to March onwards.

Question No 19: Personal statement & study plan are two different things?

Answer: Yes, Personal Statement & Study plan are two different things.

Question No 20: I send an email to a Chinese Professor for an Acceptance letter, Professor Give me an acceptance letter directly. Is that ok or what should I do next?

Answer: Yes, it’s OK. Some professors give acceptance letters directly without asking any questions. Next, You have to wait for admissions to open in that university.

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