Beihua University CSC Scholarships 2020

Beihua University is to receive Chinese government scholarships to study in China, Confucius Institute Scholarship students in China and Jilin provincial government scholarship students eligible institutions. Since 2007, more than 500 foreign students have come from more than 50 countries and regions, covering more than 30 undergraduate programs and more than 20 postgraduate programs. In recent years, as a comprehensive university, the disciplines and specialties of schools have been developing rapidly with a complete range of disciplines covering a wide range of areas and attracting more and more foreign students to study in universities.

Graduate program-Application materials and entering requirements

Entering requirements:

1. Candidates shall hold general passport and be in health;

2. Candidates shall be lower than 50 years old;

3. Candidates shall hold bachelor degree equivalent certificate;

4. Candidates’ Chinese level shall reach the required standard by each profession.

Application materials:

1. “Application Form for International Students to Study in Beihua University, China”;

2. Copy of passport data page;

3. Certificate of HSK Chinese proficiency test;

4. Notarized copy of diploma above a Bachelor’s Degree and transcripts (in English or Chinese);

5. Two recommendations by an associate professor or above.

Graduate program-Application process

Applicants may choose one of the following methods to apply for studying in Beihua University:

Option 1: Apply online
Option 2: Come to International Student Office in Beihua University and deliver application materials.
Option 3: Download “Application Form for International Students to Stusy in China”, fill in it and send it together with other application materials to E-mail address of International Student Office of Beihua University.


1. After receiving full and complete materials, International Student Office checks them and conducts entrance procedures. About 2 weeks later, “Beihua Univeisity Admission Notice” and “Visa Application Form for International Students to Study in China” (Form JW202)will be sent to the student at the address provided by the student.
2. The student goes to Chinese Embassy and Consulate in his/her country to get visa for studying in China with “Beihua Univeisity Admission Notice” and “Visa Application Form for International Students to Study in China”.
3. The student should follow strictly the instructions of time and place in “Beihua Univeisity Admission Notice” to register. If delayed without granting, registration will be rejected by school.

English teaching program-Application process

The applicants can apply for studying in Beihua University in any of the following ways:

Method 1: apply directly on the Internet

Method 2: submit applicant materials directly at the International Office of the Beihua University.

Method 3: download admission applicant form of international students to Beihua University, and send the filled form and other applicant forms to the mailbox of the International Office of the Beihua University via e-mails.


1. After receiving the complete materials, the International Office will conduct admission procedure if the inspection is qualified, and send Admission notice of Beihua University and visa application for study in China to the address offered by students after about 2 weeks.。

2. Those who win admissions should apply for X visa for studying in China at Chinese embassies and consulates in their home countries with Admission notice of Beihua University and visa application foe study in China.

3. Those who win admission should report their arrival according to the time and place regulated on Admission notice of Beihua University. The university will not conduct admission procedure for those whose delayed admissions are not permitted by Beihua University.

Online Application form link