Beihang University CSC Scholarships 2020, Ranking, Agency Number and Faculty

Beihang University CSC Scholarships, Ranking, Agency Number and Faculty

International students, who want to study for Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree at Beihang University (BUAA), are welcome to apply for the Postgraduates Program of Chinese Government Scholarship at Beihang University. The Postgraduates Program of Chinese Government Scholarship at Beihang University is a full-time program with full scholarship, covering tuition fee, accommodation, living allowance, normal medical service, comprehensive insurance, etc., but not the international travel expenses. The program will start in early September 2020 and the study period is 2 to 3 years for the master program and 3 to 4 years for doctoral program.

Qualification for Beihang University CSC Scholarships, Ranking, Agency Number and Faculty 

For master program, the candidates should have Bachelor Degree and be under the age of 35; for doctoral program, the candidates should have Master Degree and be under the age of 40.
Applicants should have good command of English or Chinese and be able to take courses in English or Chinese. The majors sponsored by the University Postgraduates Program at Beihang University do not include language study, such as Chinese, English and etc..

Application Documents Required for Beihang University CSC Scholarships, Ranking, Agency Number and Faculty 

All the documents should be in duplicate. And the language of documents should be in English or Chinese or attached with translations in English or Chinese.

  • 1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship;
  • 2. Highest Education Diploma (notarized photocopy or original one) or Certificate of Expected Graduation Date from the university studying currently;
  • 3. Notarized Transcripts or Original Ones;
  • 4. Study or Research Plan (no less than 500 words);
  • 5. Two Recommendation Letters from Professors or Academic Experts;
  • 6. The Results of TOEFL, IELTS or HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), or English / Chinese Proficiency Certificates for the applicants whose educational language is not English or Chinese;
  • 7. Photocopy of Physical Examination Form and the Report on Blood Examination.
  • 8. Photocopy of Remittance Receipt for Application Fee (RMB¥400 Yuan or US$70)(*Remittance);
  • 9. Photocopy of First Page of Passport (the information page);
  • 10. The List of Application Documents and Post Address confirmed. Download Here

    For more details and FAQ on Program, please visit the website of International School of Beihang University and click the column accordingly.


    • Beneficiary Name: BEIHANG UNIVERSITY
    • Account No.: 0200006209026400229
    • Beneficiary Banker’s Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Dongsheng Road Branch, Beijing, China
    • Swift Code: ICBKCNBJBJM
    • Note: Application Fee paid in cash would not be accepted.

Application Procedures and Admission Schedule

  • To skim over the majors of the Program and choose the majors to study through “Specialty Supervisor & Curricula“;
  • To make the online application for Chinese Government Scholarship through the website of CSC (, fill up the Application Form, submit the completed Application Form on line and print the Application Form according to the requirements. Please do note that the “Program Category” should be “Type B” and the “Agency Number” of Beihang University is 10006.

 The online application will begin from November 25, 2020.According to the system maintenance, the service time of application system is adjusted to 8:30 to 17:30 (Beijing time, GMT+8) at weekday from March 2nd to 20th.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The instruction language for the Program will be English or Chinese. Applicants are asked to choose the instruction language in the Application Form when applying on line. One year Chinese training program will be arranged for the students who can not take courses in English and have chosen Chinese as instruction language.
  • To mail all applications documents required to the following address before 25th March, 2020:
    • Ms. HUANG Ping
    • International School of Beihang University
    • Address: No. 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191, P.R. China
    • Tel: +86-10-82339158, +86-10-82316488
  • The results of admission will be publicized by stages and in groups starting from 20th May to the early of August, 2020 by the Website of International School, Beihang University.
  • The Admission documents will be mailed to the successful applicants before 15th August, 2020.

Specialty, Supervisor & Curricula

  • Specialty Catalogues of Master Program (BUAA-CSC) Download Here
  • Name List of Supervisors in Master Programs for International Students Download Here
  • Specialty Catalogues of Doctoral Program (BUAA-CSC) Download Here
  • The Curricula for International Postgraduates Download Here

Contact Information

Question Answering to study at BUAA

1.1 The University Postgraduates Program at Beihang University and Beihang Scholarship(BUAA Scholarship)

The University Postgraduates Programat Beihang Universityis a full scholarship program sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). The BUAA scholarship is a partial scholarship awarded by BUAA, mainly for tuition.

To apply the Scholarship of University Postgraduates Program at Beihang University, you are required to apply through the website of CSC ( first and then submit all application documents required to International School of BUAA.

For the BUAA scholarship, you are required to apply through the website of International School of BUAA ( and submit application documents to International School of BUAA as well.

International School of BUAA will be responsible for the admission of both scholarship programs mentioned above.

Postgraduate Program of Chinese Government Scholarship 2020:

  • The application deadline is March 25, 2020

Postgraduate Program of Beihang scholarship 2020:

  • The application duration is April 1, 2020 – May 30, 2020

1.2 International Travel Expense

The Scholarship does not cover any travel costs.

1.3 Full Time Program

This program is a full-time postgraduates program. Application of part-time students will not be accepted.

1.4 Study Period

The maximum study period sponsored by the Scholarship is 3 years for master’s program. The study period of doctoral program is normally 3 years, but one year extension may be approved by CSC according to the academic performance and suggestion of supervisors.

1.5 Benefits of CSC Scholarship

1. Tuition Fee in Set Period

2. Accommodation in University Dormitory Free of Charge; Or Subsidies to the students to live off-campus housing found by themselves :700 Yuan RMB/ Month for Bachelor and MS Candidates or 1000Yuan RMB/ Month for PhD Candidates

3. Medical and Accident Insurance

4. Living Allowance: 2500 Yuan RMB for Bachelor Candidates, 3000 Yuan RMB for MS Candidates and 3500 Yuan RMB for PhD Candidates

Part 2:Qualification

2.1 Requirements ofEnglish-Medium Programs

All the majors for the international postgraduates at Beihang University can be taught in English.English Proficiency for applicants from Non-English Speaking Countries: 80 or above in TOEFL, or 5.5 or above in IELTS, or a certificate from current college or department indicated language proficiency (ability to take courses in English).

2.2 Requirements of Chinese -Medium Programs

1.If candidates want to take Chinese-Medium Program directly, they are required to provide the HSK (new) certificates (Level 5 or above) or certificates that prove they have taken courses in Chinese for university or high school education.

2. Students with the following two conditions are suitable to apply for one year Chinese language training class:

(1) The major chosen is offered in Chinese-Medium only.
And (2) The students who have reached HSK Level 3.

Students must choose one year Chinese language training in the Application Forms when applying online.

2.3 Expected Graduation Certificate

1.Applicants who are going to graduate before August 15, 2020 and cannot submit their graduation certificates during the application process, are required to submit prove of expected graduation date, academic excellence and performance, issued by current school or departments.

2.Original graduation degree and/or certificates are required to be submitted when registering at Beihang University, otherwise registration will be refused.

2.4 Language Study Programs

The University Postgraduates Program at Beihang University does not sponsor any language study program, for example Chinese, English etc..

2.5 Fresh Graduates Sponsored by CSC

The students who will graduate in 2020 and are sponsored by CSC will be required to go home country for one year work in principle.

Part 3: Application Procedures and Required Documents

3.1 Application Online

Applicants should apply for the University Postgraduates Program online through CSC website ( Applicants should fill up the Application Form on line, submit the completed Application Form on line, and thenprint the Application Form. The “Program Category” should be “Type B” and the “Agency Number” of Beihang University is 10006.

3.2 Beginning and Deadline of Application

The Program will accept application online from the November 25, 2020, and the deadline of application is 25th March, 2020. However, the earlier the applicants submit the application documents to BUAA, the greater opportunity they may have for admission.

3.3 Hand-Written Application Forms not to be Accepted

It is required for all applicants to finish application procedures online and print the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship.Any hand-written Application Formswill not be accepted.

3.4 Requirements of Application Documents

1.Applicants are required to prepare the Application Documents carefully and ensure all documents submitted are authentic, accurate and complete.

2.The applicants who provide false information or forgery documents will be rejected by BUAA for next five years.

3.For successful candidates, BUAA will examine all original application documents when registering at BUAA. The admission qualification of candidates will be canceled in case of falsification.

4.Two copies of application documents are required.

3.5 Recommendation Letters and Transcripts

Two recommendation letters should be provided by professors, associate professors, or experts of similar status.Official transcripts and diplomaswith stamp of university will be accepted for application.

3.6 A Letter of Acceptance from Professors of BUAA

A letter of acceptance from professors of BUAA is not a required document. When you are admitted by BUAA, BUAA will appoint the supervisor for you according to the Application Form and study plan you submitted.

3.7 Major Choosing

The major in the Application Form should be selected according to the second lever in Specialty List.

3.8 Renewing Passport Information Timely

1. If you do not have passport or your passport is renewing when you are applying on line, you should fill out or renew your passport information timely upon getting new passport. Otherwise the admission documents generated automatically will miss your passport information or use wrong information. In this case your visa application may be refused by Chinese Embassy.

2. All information filled in the Application Form on line should be accurate and any incorrect information revision in the Application Form, including the passport, mail address, Email and telephone number etc., may have a grave negative impact on making Admission Notice, mailing the admission documents and applying a visa after the Application Form to be submitted on line. .

3.9 Physical Examination

1.Physical Examination Formshould be submitted together with blood test results. The Physical Examination Form can be downloaded from the website of International School. Physical examination should be done in a qualified hospital.

2. When you arrive in China, you will be asked to reexamine in the Chinese quarantine institute or hospital and if you are detected having diseases which makes you unsuitable for study in China, you will be immediately requested to leave for home country at your own expenses.

3.10 Application Fee

1. It is requested that applicants provide the receipt of application fee payment with the other application documents; otherwise it will affect the admission or delay the application process.

2. The Application fee is not refundable. It is necessary to indicate the applicant’s name on the remark column of the Money Order when remitting the Application Fee.

Part 4: Submission of Application Documents

4.1 Keeping a Copy for Your Files

Please note that all application documents will not be returned.

4.2 Submit Application Documents

It is better for applicants to submit the scanned copies to the designated Emailbox( mailing the application documents to BUAA so as to avoid any loss or delay.

4.3 Suitable Time to Mail Application Documents

It is suggested that the application documents will not be arrivedat BUAA in the period of the Spring Festival (around 10 February to 25 February) so as to avoid loss or delay, because during Spring Festival all the offices will be closed.

4.4 Series Number Lost and Retrieved

The Series Number on the application form is very important for identifying status and admission. To prevent its loss, please retrieve information and do resubmit the application again once you modify your information on line.

4.5 Ensuring Complete and Accurate Information

It is vital important for applicants to make sure the information provided in Application Form and the List of Application Documents are complete and accurate, including the post address,telephone and mobile phonenumber as well as EmailAddress because the Email, Telephone and post address will be used in the application and admission processes and for mailing the admission documents accurately.

Part 5: Admission

5.1 Inquiringthe Process and Result of Admission

The process and result of admission as well as other related information will be publicized on the website of International School or you may be informed through email. Please log on the website of International School and check out personal emails regularly to stay up to date.

5.2 Publishing Admission Result

Admission List will be publicized by stages and in groups through the website of International School at BUAA. “A Public Notice of Conclusion on the Program” will be announced on the website of International School upon completion of admission process around the end of July.

5.3 Candidates in the Waiting List

Applicants on the waiting list still have a great possibility for admission, but the final results will be publicized relatively late (around the end of July or early August). According to the statistics in recent three years, more than 90% of applicants on the waiting list have been admitted finally.

5.4 Being not in the Admission List

If you have received the Confirmation Letter from BUAA but are not in the admission list, you may have been admitted by another University you applied for. So in such scenario, please contact the universities you have applied for to confirm.

Part 6: Registration

6.1 Entrance Interview

Candidates need to participate in an entrance interview (including the language test, professional competence etc.). Candidates who fail the interview will not be allowed to register formally at BUAA.

6.2 Giving up Admission

The applications from applicants, who have been admitted but failed to register or forfeited admission at BUAA, will not be accepted again by BUAA within 5 years.

6.3  Studying and Improvement of Chinese in Advance

BUAA will also arrange the Chinese language courses to the applicants who take courses in English in order to help them better adapt to the living environment. It is strongly suggested to all applicants to study or improve Chinese before they come to China.